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I'm The Biggest Helper With Momma's Autoimmune Disease

This wonderful picture book for children and adults alike introduces the complex world of autoimmune diseases in a compassionate and easy to learn way.

The book features a touching story of all the ways a child can help a mother who has an illness. You’ll be swept away by the charming and heartwarming rhymes about the moments shared by a helpful son to an ill mother. 

The story begins with the son who teaches the readers about autoimmune diseases and how they work in the body. He explains how his mother's illnesses (Sjogren’s and Lupus) cause pain, but you can’t always see it. This book explains invisible illnesses in a way a young child can understand. 

The son goes on to teach readers about how he’s “The Biggest Helper”, and provides examples of how he helps his momma when she is having a hard day. 

Excerpt from the book:

I’m the biggest helper
And there’s lots that I can do
To help my momma when she’s sick
So she doesn’t feel so blue

Inspired by the author's 4 year old son, who became her biggest helper. I’m The Biggest Helper is the perfect book for any parent who lives with Sjogren’s, Lupus or any other autoimmune disease.

about the author

Heather was diagnosed with Sjogren’s, a systemic autoimmune disease, at the age of 26. She continued to live a normal life and did so successfully by getting married, having a child, built a successful career and traveled the world.
In 2017 the Sjogren’s went into a major flare, causing disability, at that time she was also diagnosed with Lupus. 

Since then Heather has reduced her work hours to spend time healing.
Heather enjoys giving back to the autoimmune disease and chronic illness communities.
She has done so by volunteering as the Calgary Support Group Leader for the Sjogren’s Society of Canada, she started this website which is dedicated to educating and empowering Sjogren’s patients, and has written this book to help describe how wonderful it is to have a helper like her young son.

giving back

We are passionate about giving back to the chronic illness community. 
When you purchase one of our books, know that you are helping the invisible illness community at large. 
We plan on partnering with various charities. When you purchase on of our books, money will be donated back to those charities. 

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I'm The Biggest Help With Momma's Autoimmune Disease is a hardcover children's picture book.

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