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When you have a chronic complex health disorder, you typically need a multidisciplinary team to help you manage your health. 
Between appointments, medication and treatment changes, not to mention your daily pain, it can be incredibly hard to keep track of everything. 
This binder was developed to help Chronic Illness Patients keep organized. 
How do you know it works? 
This is EXACTLY the book I needed and wish I had when I got sick.
This is exactly the book I need know to keep organized on top of the every growing list of appointments and followups. 
This digital download PDF is exactly what you need to help you get organized.
This Medical Health Binder Worksheets Package includes: 
- Cover Page with Contact Information
- Medication Register
- Vitamins and Supplements Register
- Health Care Team
- Appointment Tracker (List)
- Appointment Tracker by Month
- Next Doctor Appointment
- Diagnosis Tracker
- Personal Medical History Sheet
- Family Medical History Sheet
- Personal Record for Sheet
- Vaccination Record
- Weight Tracker
- Height Tracker
- Hospitalizations and ER Visits
- Medical Insurance Information
- Medical History
- Change in Medication
- Medication List and Side Effects
- Medication Refill Log
- Therapy Log
- Daily Tracker Sheet
- Blood Pressure Sheet
- Food Tracker
- Glucose Tracker
- Exercise Record
- Additional sheets for Notes and Questions

Purchase this Digital Download today to start organizing your records!
Visit our ETSY Store to grab a copy of it today!
Purchase this Digital Download today to start organizing your records. You won't be disappointed. 
You can grab a copy of this Medical Binder Digital Download Here!
We know the importance of tracking your health daily. 
By tracking your health daily you can start to see your patterns and behaviors.
By reflecting on these you will be able to see trends that contribute flare ups in your conditions. 
This worksheet can help you manage your own health, and it can also be used to help communicate with your healthcare team. 
These worksheets are currently available for purchase on ETSY here. 


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